Virtual CFO and Bookkeeping Services That Scale With Your Company’s Growth

Your business is growing fast and you’ve outgrown your bookkeeping and accounting processes.  As your company’s annual sales exceeded  $1 million, you sensed a need for a CFO but struggled with how to afford one.  If you aren’t ready to invest in a full-time CFO and staff consider a Virtual CFO solution. We specialize in technology, business services and consumer goods manufacturing industries primarily in New York and New Jersey.

A Virtual Controller Keeps Your Company on its Plan for Continued Growth

Maybe you are not ready for a CFO and just need more accounting assistance.  Our Virtual Controller services provide your company visibility into its financial performance.  Our virtual controller and staff will perform all accounting transactions, prepare an annual financial plan, and track performance metrics against your plan.  We’ll also prepare monthly financial statements and review them with you. You’ll have a roadmap to continued growth and confidence that your numbers are accurate.

Virtual Bookkeeping Keeps your Books Accurate and Organized In The Cloud

If you struggle with the tasks of just keeping your books in order, Virtual Bookkeeping may be for you.  Our staff of trained specialists will relieve you of customer invoicing, processing vendor bills, managing cash and all the activities that go into creating a clean set of books.  They do all their work on a cloud-based accounting system you can access anywhere, anytime from any device.  You’ll get the visibility you need as well as extra time to do what you do best – build your company.

Who We Serve

Your company operates in an industry with its own language and norms. Your financial operation should know your industry well. We focus on three industries so we can bring you relevant expertise we’ve learned serving clients like you.

They are the technology, business services and consumer goods industries.

While we can serve clients nationally, our geographic focus is New York City, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.