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Improved knowledge of financial performance with enhanced reporting, a 12-month plan, and metrics.

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Advice and analysis augment our Virtual Controller subscription to help increase the value of your company.

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Hear From Our Founder

Our founder shares what he’s heard from fellow entrepreneurs and why he started Fintelligent.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Hear business owners we've worked with share their journey to improve their company's financial operations.

The Four Pillars of Every Great Financial Department

Learn the four activities every great financial operation performs and how they help your growing business accomplish the "Key Three" metrics: higher sales, more cash, increased profitability.

The Fintelligent Operating System

The best financial operations operate simply, accurately and generate great outcomes. Our proprietary application FintelligentOS anchors our service delivery and cloud technology to deliver every entrepreneur an affordable financial department that works for them.

Industries We Serve

We work with many subscription-based companies, generally software and services companies who need to manage deferred revenue. We also work with many professional services companies looking to track customer profitability and need to allocate labor costs.

Finance For Founders

We've dedicated part of our site to educating business owners on small business financial departments. Browse videos, articles, downloads and more, all free of charge.

Four pillars

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