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Customize your subscription with add-ons

No two businesses are alike. We offer add-on services to enhance the value of your subscription.

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What We'll Do For You

Priced during our initial call

Customer Profitability

Deferred Revenue Management

Location / Class Data

Multiple Entity Consolidation

Departmental Budgeting

QuickBooks Online Plus


Receipt Management

Invoicing Starter Pack

Weekly CFO Meetings

Priced after we have started working together

Annual 1099 Processing

Due Diligence Support

Annual Audit or Review Assistance

Excess Onboarding Cleanup

Cap Table Management

Financial Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every subscription have add-ons?

Does every subscription have add-ons?

Most add-ons are for our Virtual Accounting subscription because we are doing the transactional work for you.

We offer some add-ons such as Customer Profitability or Deferred Revenue to our Virtual CFO subscribers since we can usually overlay those systems to what is currently in place. 

Why price add-ons at different times?

Why price add-ons at different times?

We've worked with enough customers to the point where we've gotten comfortable with the time and effort to deliver certain add-ons, so we price them during our intial call. This gives you full pricing transparency.

Other add-ons aren't needed at first, so we price those when needed. We want you to know that we have the capabilities to support you as your company grows.