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Finance for SaaS Business Owners

Managing Subscription Growth

Software company owners generally come to us trying to solve two problems: managing a subscription based business and handling deferred revenue.  We have great systems in place to manage both.  This video tells you the metrics we’ll manage and interpret for your software company so you can achieve your growth goals.

How To Manage Deferred Revenue

Everyone evaluating your company wants to know this number

Deferred revenue are payments a customer has given you before providing them use of your software. This occurs any time you sell an annual subscription paid upfront.

We've automated this process.  We'll be able to tell you how much future revenue will be recognized, and when, so when you build sales forecasts you'll know how much additional sales you'll need to meet your goals.

Balance Sheet
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Tracking SaaS Metrics

The four metrics every SaaS business owner needs to know

In a subcriber-based business, sustainability is measured on capturing new customers at low cost and retaining them at a profit for as long as possible. The metrics below are used to determine if a subscription-based business is sustainable over the long run.
  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Cost to Acquire a Customer (CAC)
  • Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV)
  • Churn Rate