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The Four Pillars of Great Finance Departments


Financial Insights to Help You Better Execute

There are things every great financial operation provides:

  1. Timely and accurate accounting
  2. Understandable reporting
  3. Insightful financial planning & analysis
  4. Valuable advice

These four pillars support your entire business, ensuring you have the visibility and insight to make better decisions. Knowing which pillars you need will help you maximize your return on investment in your financial department.


Getting Your Financial Data Right

Your company’s accounting is more than just the day to day processing of financial transactions. It is the foundational data of your company that determines if your business is making money or not. 

In this video we provide a high level overview of two key accounting processes that need to function smoothly in your business.  You’ll also learn the one thing you can do for a few minutes each month to ensure the cash balance on your books agrees with your bank accounts.


Info You Need, When You Need It

Business owners should not have to work too hard to get the information they need to run their companies. Great reporting is more than just financial statements emailed to you once a month.  It’s getting you timely, accurate financial information to inform critical business decisions. 

This video will give you some ideas on what a financial reporting system could look like for you.  


Roadmap to Scaling Your Business

Many business owners we speak with say they want to be more proactive in how they run their business. They just don’t know what that looks like. Financial planning and analysis helps you visualize how your company can scale to deliver more sales, cash flow and profit.

We know that if we have a good planning and review and process in place we are much more likely to achieve our goals. This video will show you what that could look like for you.


Strategic Guidance to Improve Execution

The most value added function of your financial department is its ability to provide you practical advice to help you grow your business. Led by a Chief Financial Officer, your financial operation should be helping you allocate scarce resources to maximize return on investment.

This video will show you the three areas of advice you should be getting and help you evaluate the kind of CFO you need.