Ensuring a smooth transition to your new financial operation

We’re here to take the financial burden off your shoulders. To get there, we’ve established a proven onboarding process for all our new customers that ensures a smooth transition to your new financial operation. We spend extra time with you to really dig into your organization, understanding what drives growth and how you want to view and measure financial performance. 

The length of the onboarding process varies by service level. During that time, you’ll meet with your onboarding team and the people who will handle your account after onboarding.  Since we spend so much extra time with you during onboarding, we double our price during those weeks.

Some of the activities that occur during onboarding include: 

  • Conducting a kickoff meeting, followed by regular weekly meetings
  • Gaining access to your various accounting, banking, payroll, and operational systems
  • Collecting data
  • Reviewing and updating your current processes
  • Reviewing and updating your chart of accounts
  • Cleaning up your books to get us to a good starting point
  • Closing the books from the month prior to starting
  • Proposing and implementing any accounting changes to produce GAAP financials
  • Developing and implementing a 12-month plan and key performance indicators
  • Developing and implementing financial reporting and dashboards
  • Providing meeting recaps and updates to you