A financial solution that works for you

We’ve studied a lot of financial systems and learned that those producing the best results are simple, consistent and measurable. We built our own proprietary system to deliver high-quality, responsive service to our customers.

Backed by our FintelligentOS workflow software, our solution is a combination of services, processes and technology designed to maximize the ROI of your financial department.  This video shows you how our solution could work for you.

We’ve studied a lot of financial systems. We’ve learned that those producing the best results have a way of operating that is simple, consistent and measurable. Those systems identify the successful outcomes they want to achieve and monitor continuous improvement.

So, we took that learning and invested in our own proprietary system called FintelligentOS. We track everything we do for all our customers in an organized, measurable way.

We developed standardized processes for all our services which we customize for each subscriber. From customer requests to transaction processing to sophisticated financial planning and analysis, we’re tracking what we do so we can deliver consistent high quality work accurately.

To make sure we’re performing at a high level, we monitor our work through internal dashboards. We align our pay with performance so our team is incentivized to provide outstanding customer service. 

FintelligentOS is at the core of a suite of software we use to deliver our service. Everything we do is in the cloud and is designed to keep entrepreneurs well informed of their company’s financial performance.

We use proven third party applications like QuickBooks Online to keep your financials up to date.

We connect it to customized dashboards so a business owner can quickly see data important to them any time on any device

Our financial planning services are automated through an application called Jirav. We connect it to accounting software to develop plans and key performance indicators to ensure our customer is hitting their financial benchmarks.

What is important for you to understand is that this system works. There are three financial performance metrics that matter to every entrepreneur: higher sales, more cash, and increased profits. Your financial department already has all this data. You should expect them to use it to contribute to your company’s growth.

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