We Are Analysts and Operators

Our employees have worked in large companies, public accounting firms and small businesses.  We’ve worked in entry-level and senior executive roles so we know what makes a company work.  We’re detail oriented and strive to find ways to grow sales, improve margins or enhance cash flow.

Purpose: Help You Win

Fintelligent is built to help companies like yours grow.  Our staff is well versed in the intricacies of accounting and finance.  We focus on using that knowledge to identify and improve the metrics that drive your growth.  We are here to help you bridge the gap from startup to scale.

Cartoon business people looking at chart graphics

Our Vision

An effective financial department for every entrepreneur

Our Mission

Provide financial operations that enable faster growth of sales, profit and cash flow

Our Values

  • Work joyfully, be kind and have fun
  • Educate ourselves before educating others
  • Service first, then technology
  • Keep it simple
  • Always operate with integrity