Founded by a CFO

Businessman running up stairway to the target

Our founder began his career in Corporate America, learning from great companies how they handled their finance and accounting operations.  He spent years as a growing company Chief Financial Officer, deploying those best practices in ways suitable for a much smaller company.  He founded Fintelligent to help entrepreneurs achieve the same ambitions as his own: to create an enterprise of lasting value, do good work and have some fun along the way.

When You Succeed, We Succeed

We are CPAs and MBAs, accountants and analysts, educators and coaches. We have seen firsthand how well-run financial departments improve financial performance.  Over the years, we have put that experience into practice – helping to solve the unique challenges that entrepreneurs face as they set out to build their businesses.

We want to take the mystery out of accounting for you and your team, and we’re here to help make you smarter about your business. We are all about continuous improvement, and we like to keep things simple.

Why Choose Fintelligent?

  • Easy to work with: team-first approach
  • Services tailored to what you want and need
  • Fixed fee pricing – no surprises
  • Great technology to keep you informed
  • Process, process, process
  • Experts in finance and accounting