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Does This Sound Familiar?

Your business is growing.  You’ve got a good handle on the economics of your business and a Chief Financial Officer seems like overkill.   Financial transactions are piling up and it’s getting harder to quickly get the financial information you need to run your business.  


You may be considering hiring a full-time Financial Controller.  It seems like a costly option, however, and he or she will need staff and systems to get the work done.  

There is an alternative.  Instead of hiring your own Financial Controller, why not rent controllership services?

The Role of a Virtual Controller

The primary role of a Virtual Controller (also called a Financial Controller) is to report on the current financial health of your business.  He or she is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and timely input of all financial transactions. They also work on automating and streamlining financial systems.


A strong Controller ensures that the data behind these reports is accurate.  The reports are timely, relevant and easy to understand. This requires solid accounting system software, effective processes and strong internal controls.


The Controller also supervises accounting staff.  The staff will handle daily tasks such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, bank reconciliations and entries to the general ledger.  The Controller works with the accounting department to close the books each month.

The Controller is an expert at reporting the historical and current condition of your company.  Some provide budget support. There may be situations where you need stronger financial planning and analysis or a more strategic executive. For those situations, a Virtual Chief Financial Officer would be a better fit. A CFO is more likely to work with you to grow your business than a Controller.

Today's Controllers are tech-savvy.  They look for web-based apps to streamline and automate transaction processing.  


This is especially important in a fast-growing environment where transaction volumes are rising.

Three Reasons to Outsource

Outsourcing accounting services, or outsourcing anything for that matter, works best under three conditions


The activity you plan to outsource lends itself well to outsourcing and the activity is not strategic to your business. Payroll is a good example.


You can get a much better outcome at less cost than doing it yourself.


The provider of outsourced services brings new expertise and insights to your business.  This makes your organization smarter and more effective than it was before.

What Does a Virtual Controller Do?

A Virtual Controller is an expert at working with businesses such as yours.  He or she can bring to your situation training and experiences at similar companies.  You’ll get to learn what works - and what doesn’t - at other places. This adds immediate value to your organization.


The Virtual Financial Controller should also be able to bring their own staff, technology and systems to your business.  This turnkey approach ensures you get the right resources you need to get the work done accurately and on time. The financial team integrates into yours.  Shortly after starting work, you should expect to see an improvement in the quality and visibility of financial information available to you.

Services We Provide

Fintelligent’s controllership services provide a turnkey outsourced solution at less cost and greater effectiveness than in-house operations.  Our services are designed to have a light touch, enabling you to focus on growing your company while we manage your numbers.  


We offer Virtual Controller services in conjunction with with our Virtual Bookkeeping service

  • Close the books and prepare monthly financial reports

  • Develop streamlined processes and internal controls

  • Supervise a team of accountants who process transactions and prepare data used in financial reporting

  • Meet management monthly or quarterly to review and discuss financial reports

  • Automate and integrate systems onto a technology platform that streamlines processing, improves accuracy and expands visibility of information.

  • Research and resolve any accounting issues that may arise

  • Interface with external accountants to prepare tax returns or supervise the company’s response to an annual financial statement audit.

We perform project work for our recurring customers.  Our staff can perform cost reviews, create cash flow forecasts and attend to any specific requests you may have.

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