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Does This Sound Familiar?

Your business is growing rapidly. You’ve reached $1 million in sales and expect to quickly do far more than that. Other areas of your business have grown as well.  It’s getting harder to keep up with accounting tasks but it has never been more critical to get good financial information quickly.

So far your accounting services have served you well. Now the business has grown more complex and the decisions you make have a much bigger impact. You know you need a more robust system to get you to the next level but you are unsure of where to start. You don’t want to get bogged down building an in-house accounting team and system.

There is an alternative. Instead of building your own financial operation, why not rent one?

A Virtual CFO Adds Immediate Value

A Virtual CFO (also called an Outsourced CFO or Part-Time CFO) is a data-driven executive that can make the connection between your business' operations and its impact on generating cash.  They are a great adviser and easy to work with.  He or she should also be highly skilled in using technology to automate and report key metrics.

Virtual CFO Services We Provide

There are many different things we do for our customers.  The list below is a sample of the more popular services

The role of a Chief Financial Officer is to

grow the business

  • Analyze data to help you select and execute strategies to that grow sales and cash

  • Introduce a performance measurement system that improves organizational effectiveness

  • Clean up and automate ineffective systems to produce sound financial data

  • Recommend debt and equity methods to better capitalize the company

  • Unlock cash by expanding margins, reducing spending and accelerating collections

  • Be a business confidant to help you work through issues unique to an entrepreneur

We charge a fixed monthly subscription plus onboarding costs.  Learn more about our pricing here.

In the first few months of working with Fintelligent, I have been so impressed by their professionalism and knowledge... If you're looking for a virtual CFO, look no further. Fintelligent should be your first choice. Thank you!

- Amanda Pietrocola, CEO, SpoofCard

You Can Rent An Entire Financial Department

Finance is a discipline.  It is governed by many rules on how to discover, classify and report data on the most important attribute of any emerging company - its ability to generate cash.  


Rules-based processes lend themselves well to outsourcing because you can apply these same rules to virtually any business situation. This differs from selling or product development, core competencies that require a much different skill set to master and are less likely to be outsourced.


Advances in technology and the “gig economy” have created an opportunity for outsourced accounting and finance providers to offer staff, a software platform and processes in a single solution. This solution is tailored to each individual customer, who can consume as much or as little as they want.  It’s perfect for the growing company who needs greater financial sophistication but does not yet have the budget for a full-scale financial department.

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"Why You Need a Virtual CFO"

Why Do I Need a Virtual CFO?

You need financial expertise to help structure your company to efficiently and profitably capture the next $10 million in sales. That requires staff, processes and systems that may be too costly to do on your own.  A Virtual CFO can bring a turnkey financial operation to do it all for you at less cost.

Finding the right part-time CFO is daunting.  To better educate you, download our eBook "Why You Need a Virtual CFO."  It will help you answer questions, such as:

  • What is a Virtual CFO?

  • What will a Virtual CFO do for my company?

  • How much will a Virtual CFO cost?

  • How do Virtual CFOs work?

What Does a Virtual CFO Do?

A Virtual CFO typically works remotely and interacts with you and your team at regular intervals.  Often this is a monthly meeting to review financial performance and corporate strategy. A Virtual CFO uses a robust technological platform to provide accurate, timely data useful for analytical purposes.

The Virtual CFO will supervise staff to perform various financial and accounting tasks. Usually this is Virtual Controller and a team providing Virtual Bookkeeping services. This integrated approach provides your company a turnkey financial operation available to assist you during your rapid growth phase. This team takes care of the financial operation so you can focus on growing your company.


Access a seasoned financial professional to validate your thinking

Free up your time so you can focus on business growth

Less costly than a full-time resource

Holds organization accountable for performance

Need Help But Not Ready for an Outsourced CFO?

Hiring a Virtual CFO is an investment in your business.  Good Virtual CFOs are in high demand because of their proven ability to grow a company’s sales, profits and cash flow. This investment can be daunting, however, there are ways to improve your company’s financial operation without hiring a Virtual CFO. 

If you think a Virtual CFO is too much for you right now, consider starting with Virtual Bookkeeping or Virtual Controller services.

A Virtual Controller prepares financial statements, management reports and helps automate your financial department.  Virtual Bookkeepers perform all the financial transaction processing (invoices, collections, payroll, etc.), reconcile accounts, research transactions and ensure all financial data is as accurate and timely as possible.  

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