Success Story: dapple

Dapple worked with Fintelligent to research ERP systems that could handle its growing complexity.

Dapple is a leading innovator and producer of non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and plant-based cleaning products for families with young children. The company’s products can be found online and on the shelves of Target, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us and many other leading U.S. and international retailers.

Preparing a Complex Business for Rapid Scale

Founded in 2009, dapple is a growing line of natural-based cleaning products that serve the needs of families with young children. Once the company expanded its distribution beyond a handful of retailers and began selling  into  big customers like Walmart and Target, its CEO recognized that they needed a more flexible and robust cloud-based ERP system. Previously, dapple got by running its business on basic QuickBooks accounting software, but the company’s rapid  growth necessitated better visibility into its financial health. In particular, the management team wanted a system that could connect directly to any third-party warehouse or logistics provider for direct insight and control over the fulfillment of orders  coming in from various  retailers.

Dapple  worked with its outsourced accounting provider, Fintelligent, to research  ERP systems that could  handle its growing complexity. “After comparing QuickBooks Online, FinancialForce, NetSuite, and Intacct, the choice  for our business was crystal clear,” shared Jeremy Pertman,  dapple’s CEO. “Intacct met all the needs of a hyper-growth business like ours, including powerful analytics capabilities to get our data out of Excel, as well as the flexibility to integrate an outstanding general ledger with any system we might need in order to extend and tailor our ERP platform as we grow.”

Granular Views Into Performance Inform Growth Decisions

Once they  were up and running on Intacct, the Fintelligent team built four custom Intacct dashboards to showcase relevant data for key stakeholders, including dapple’s CEO, as well as the company’s operations, sales and marketing, and finance  departments. These dashboards include performance cards that indicate how the company is tracking against cash, revenue,  margin, and spending forecasts. In addition, they  feature other important real-time information, such as the company’s top ten SKUs and customers, as well as its operating spend by category – allowing the management team to detect significant trends and patterns and keep their  fingers on the pulse of the business.

With Intacct, dapple is able to deftly navigate all its complexities, in part by adding descriptive tags for every transaction to capture dimensions such as item, employee, customer, vendor, and more. Pertman noted, “Intacct’s dimension capability lets us very quickly look at our key metrics in a variety of different ways so that we can understand what’s driving them and react accordingly. With visibility into the things that really matter to our business – such as which units are moving, velocity across different retailers, spending by vendor, employee, or department, our cash position, etc. – we can make smarter, more timely decisions.”

For example, the team can drill down account-by-account to view profit contribution and product mix by customer, and optimize dapple’s pricing strategy in order to sell the most product at the highest margin possible. The sales team now enters into major negotiations with multi-billion-dollar retailers armed with rich data about how many units they sold last year, what the retailer’s margin was, and more. This ensures confidence, and enables rational, informed discussions about price changes, during which dapple can explain exactly how they expect to increase volume through marketing promotions.

Robust Inventory and Order Management Optimize Operations

By switching to Intacct, the company also gained a stable  and robust foundation upon  which  to automate its full spectrum of financial processes – from purchasing and inventory management, to accounts payable and receivable. Fintelligent configured the system to meet dapple’s unique needs, including EDI connections into third-party logistics providers. This seamless integration saved them at least 40 hours each month from laboriously entering over 700 invoices into QuickBooks. Now, Intacct automatically collects sales and inventory data from these warehouses every fifteen minutes, which speeds invoicing and guarantees transparency around current inventory, unit costs, and other valuable data. With insight into the status of product orders from manufacturers, dapple’s operations team can more easily hold those vendors accountable, justify price break requests, know when to restock inventory, forecast for the year ahead, and ultimately help decrease product costs.

In addition, Fintelligent connected Intacct with Bill. com, Expensify, and Asana to further streamline workflows and increase the accuracy and availability of dapple’s data. “Because Intacct was designed to talk to our other cloud systems, we’ve been able to take a lot of the guesswork out of our financial operations,” said Pertman.  “Overall, the solution has eliminated hours and hours of manual tasks every month, and cut in half the number of ad hoc financial information requests coming into our finance team.”


  • Software paid for itself in <2 months on business value delivered
  • Saved 60+ hours/month on manual processes
  • Optimized inventory management via 3rd-party integrations
“Agility and insight are essential for a small, rapidly-growing company like dapple . Fintelligent has made a huge impact on both by freeing us up to focus on things that are actually growing the business. Thanks to the real time financial and operational visibility Fintelligent now provides, I can always see if we’re meeting our forecasts and I sleep better at night.” Jeremy Pertman

Former CEO, dapple

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