Download Why You Need a Virtual CFO

Written for Fast Growing Companies that Need Greater Financial Expertise

This 15-page ebook looks at the role that a Virtual CFO can play in a a growing corporation. The Virtual CFO has a duty to help the firm develop and maintain strong financial operations, increase sales and improve profit and cashflow.

The ebook is written by Fintelligent, LLC., a financial services company designed to help fast growing companies improve profitability and advise on strategic matters.

How Fintelligent Helps Fast Growing Companies Grow Faster

Fintelligent was created to serve the financial needs of fast growing technologyconsumer goodsand business services companies. Fintelligent was born in the cloud. Our founder, Rob Ripp, has over 25-years experience in corporate finance management.  As a CFO to high-growth companies, he knows how a well run financial operation works.  He designed Fintelligent to provide fast growing companies a financial operation utilizing the latest cloud technology.  This platform provides clients with real-time feed back on sales, profitability and cash flow. QuickBooks no longer cuts it.

“We provide entrepreneurs a turnkey financial department so they can focus on growth,” he says.

Why You Need
A Virtual CFO

  • What is a Virtual CFO?
  • What will a Virtual CFO do for My Company?
  • How do I Assess the cost and Value of a Virtual CFO?
  • Are there Other Options?
  • How much will a Virtual CFO cost?