Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have CPA firm. Can’t they do this for me? Why do I need Fintelligent?

Many of our customers have excellent CPAs capable of doing this work. Where we differ from a CPA firm is our technology platform and our financial planning and analysis expertise. We find our customers retain their CPAs to do compliance and tax prep work while Fintelligent focuses on financial operations. It’s a partnership that works well as external accountants are usually happy to be relieved of bookkeeping duties. This enables them to focus on minimizing taxes or delivering a quality audit.

Q: I already have a CFO. Can you help him or her?
Yes! We are happy to provide our platform and staff to manage accounting activities so the CFO can focus on growing the company.
Q: We use QuickBooks. May we continue to do so?
No. Our offering relies on a single technology platform that we feel is most suitable for high growth companies. Our staff is trained on this platform and our processes depend upon it. We would not be able to cost-effectively provide our services if we had to maintain multiple platforms.
Q: Can I get a backup of my data?
Our application providers automatically backup data on the internet. Since their software is cloud-based, a local data backup would not be able to run on their applications. If you wanted a local data backup in a .CSV file format, it may be able to be arranged with the application provider at additional cost.
Q: How do I know my data is secure?

Fintelligent screens all third-party software providers prior to partnering with them. We confirm that sufficient data security and privacy controls are in place. We provide training to our staff and have internal controls to protect our customers’ data. We also have insurance coverage in the unlikely event of a breach. Learn more about Fintelligent’s Data Privacy and Security Policy here.

Q: I don’t think our company falls into one of your industries. Will you take us on?

This is a tough one! As a growing company ourselves, we never want to miss an opportunity. We counsel our customers to remain focused and we must follow our own advice. We do not take on customers in industries we do not serve. If we do not serve your industry, chances are we know someone who does. Please reach out to us and we’d be happy to make a referral. Please check back often as we may add new industries as we grow.

Q: We are not located near you. Can we still work together?
Absolutely! Fintelligent is a virtual organization. Our team can work from anywhere.
Q: What happens if we decide to part ways?
We work with you to transfer control of the 3rd party applications we use and your data. You would be responsible for those costs going forward.