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Case Studies

Fintelligent Bridged The Gap From Startup To Scale

Their insights and systems played a large role in growing Boll & Branch’s revenue over 2,000% in two years.

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Increased The Accuracy And Availability Of dapple’s Data

The solution has eliminated hours and hours of manual tasks every month.

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Seaboard Improves Reporting, Gets Clean Audit

Fintelligent became the company’s Virtual Controller to update financial reporting, enhance cash flow forecasting and to manage the new auditor.

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iEnterprises Improves Internal Cash Flow

Fintelligent implements a cash flow management system to self-fund operations.

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Renova Eliminates Debt and Enjoys Record Profits

Fintelligent was asked to become the company’s Virtual CFO to gain insight into the financial performance of the company through industry-standard metrics, in support of reducing debt and managing profitable growth.

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Sample Financial Plan

A sample report commonly provided as part of our Virtual CFO services.


Sample Free Benchmark Report

A three page report containing industry benchmarks and how your company compares to them. Get one for your company here.

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Expanded Narrative Benchmark Report

An expanded narrative benchmark report provided at the start of an engagement with Fintelligent, free of charge.

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Why You Need A Virtual CFO


  • What is a Virtual CFO?
  • What will a Virtual CFO do for My Company?
  • How do I Assess the cost and Value of a Virtual CFO?
  • Are there Other Options?
  • How much will a Virtual CFO cost?



Creating A Financial Plan

This overview video, the first in a series, helps you think through how a financial plan will improve your company’s performance. Financial plans should have specific goals around sales, profit and cash flow to help your business grow sustainably.

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