Virtual Services for Commercial Real Estate Investors

What Commercial Real Estate Investors Want to Know

Commercial real estate equity investors want easy access to portfolio performance.  You seek a single place to capture financial information on each individual property as well as the entire portfolio.  


Your ability to track returns vs. invested capital is critical.  Easily customizable reports is required to communicate performance data internally and externally.  You need people experienced in real estate accounting to manage your books.

  • Is the portfolio performing according to our expectations?

  • How much capital do we have to pursue property acquisitions?

  • What is our net cash flow at any given time?

  • What are our vacancy rates and how are they trending?

Services We Provide

Virtual CFO

Virtual Controller

Virtual Bookkeeping

You can rent an entire financial department or just the parts of it you need.  We offer staff, a cloud-based software platform, best practices and years of experience.  Our outsourced accounting and finance services are customized to your needs.

Virtual CFO Services

A Virtual CFO is a data-driven executive.  He or she can quickly make the connection between business operations and its ability to generate significant cash flow.  They are a great adviser and easy to work with. They should also be highly skilled in using technology to automate system and report key metrics.

What Does A Virtual CFO Do?

A Virtual CFO works as remotely as your part-time CFO.  They interact with you and your team at regular intervals.  Often this is a monthly meeting to review financial performance and corporate strategy. A Virtual CFO uses a robust technology platform to provide accurate, timely data useful for analytical purposes.

Virtual CFOs will supervise staff to perform various financial and accounting tasks. Usually this is Virtual Controller and a team providing Virtual Bookkeeping services. This integrated approach provides your company a robust, turnkey financial operation available to assist you during your rapid growth phase. This team takes care of the financial operation so you can focus on growing your company.

Service Offerings - Virtual CFO

Fintelligent’s Virtual CFO services can add immediate value to your organization.  We aqssign a seasoned expert to your team who provides strategic guidance and a data-driven approach to solving problems.  Some of the things our Virtual CFO services have done for successful SaaS businesses include:

  • Analyze data to help you review portfolio performance

  • Introduce a performance measurement system that improves organizational effectiveness

  • Clean up and automate ineffective systems to produce sound financial data


Validation of your growth plans

Free up your time

Access a CFO at less cost than a full time CFO

Hold organization accountable for performance

Virtual Controller Services

A Virtual Controller’s primary role is to report on the current financial health of your business.  He or she is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and timely input of all financial transactions.  They also work on automating and streamlining financial systems.

What Does A Virtual Controller Do?

A Virtual Controller works remotely and interacts with your team at regular intervals.  They supervise accounting and bookkeeping staff. The staff handles daily tasks such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management, bank reconciliations and entries to the general ledger.  The Controller works with the accounting department to close the books each month.

Service Offerings - Virtual Controller

Fintelligent’s Virtual Controller services provide accounting processes and controls that ensure data integrity and sound financial reporting.   

  • Close the books and prepare monthly financial reports

  • Develop streamlined processes and internal controls

  • Supervise a team of accountants who process transactions and prepare data used in financial reporting

  • Automate and integrate systems onto a technology platform that streamlines processing, improves accuracy and expands visibility of information.


Better financial reporting and transaction processing automation

Expert financial statement preparation

Supervision and support of accounting staff

Interface with independent accountants / tax preparers

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

You didn’t start a company to become an accountant. Good financial data is critical for you to manage your business, yet seems so hard to get on a timely basis.  Virtual bookkeeping relieves you of the daily tasks of creating invoices, collecting payments, managing accounts receivable, posting payroll and researching issues.

What Does A Virtual Bookkeeper Do?

A Virtual Bookkeeper will take care of the day to day financial transactions that can take up so much time.  Trained bookkeepers using proven accounting software can process these transactions more efficiently and accurately, providing you better data when and how you need it.  

Service Offerings - Virtual Bookkeeping

Fintelligent’s Virtual bookkeeping services add immediate value by unburdening you from processing financial transactions.  These are some of the things a Virtual Bookkeeper will do for you: 

  • Prepare customer invoices, collecting customer payments and managing cash deposits

  • Enter vendor bills and processing vendor payments

  • Update credit card transactions in the general ledger

  • Book payroll entries to the general ledger

  • Support the Virtual Controller with the monthly close

  • Contact customers for payment


Get accurate financial information how and when you want it

Save time processing financial transactions

More cost effective than in-house staff

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