Fixed pricing delivers better value for you

Would you pay more for coffee that took longer to brew?

We don't believe accounting costs should be based upon the hours it takes to do the work.  It should be based upon the value those services provide to you.  You should know exactly what that value is every month.


Our policy is to charge a fixed subscription price that includes our staff assigned to your account, access to our technology platform and the services we deliver. 

Cost to Do It Yourself

When deciding to outsource accounting, we recommend comparing its cost to your in-house cost.  Many companies consider hiring full-time staff when the time is right.  See exactly what an in-house resource would cost your company using the calculator below:

Select a position:
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Our Pricing

We prepare a customized price quote for every customer.  Our pricing is based upon several factors:

  • The services we provide to you

  • The complexity of the work we do for your organization

  • Seniority of staff assigned to you

  • Volumes of transactions we process

  • Value we add to your business

Our pricing includes one or more members of our staff assigned to your team, our technology platform and the specific work we perform.


Higher-level services include lower level services. For example, a Virtual CFO subscription would include Virtual Bookkeeping and Virtual Controller services. Click here for a side-by-side comparison.

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