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We believe entrepreneurial companies are the lifeblood of capitalism.

We feel that more growing companies would succeed if only they had access to solid financial operations. Our mission is to provide to emerging companies the same kind of effective financial organizations found at large, world-class organizations. We know that as emerging companies succeed, they add new jobs, new products and new opportunities that benefit all of us.

The resources found in this blog are written with the intention to support emerging companies like yours. 

Entrepreneurs, Do This One Thing To Avoid a Disappointing 2018

There is one thing every successful business does that reliably helps grow sales, profit and cash flow: They plan their success. If you haven’t at least begun your company’s 2018 financial plan, you are already late. You’ve heard that that companies that plan better perform better.  IBM actually proved it.  In their annual study of 1,900 CFOs, they determined that those companies with...

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Is the Proposed Federal Tax Plan Good For My Business?

I am a business owner.  I can tell you with 100% certainty that if the government cuts my taxes I’m going to invest more in my business.  That means hiring more people.  Creating jobs and providing more income to the middle class are the main reasons why Congress is considering updating the tax code. There’s just one problem: I’m not convinced this plan is going to cut taxes...

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5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Virtual CFO

Your company is growing and you’ve never been busier. Sales are up, new customers are coming on board and you’re hiring like crazy. Your problem is cash… it just doesn’t seem to be at the levels you expect given your success. And you are spending way too much time on things that really aren’t growing your company. Like accounting. I work with a lot of entrepreneurs. They are mostly salespeople and inventors – not accountants. They understand the importance of cash and have built successful businesses with an intuitive feel for how to generate cash. At some point, however, a business grows beyond intuition. It needs financial processes and systems to thrive. Here are 5 signs your business may have reached that point.

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