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We believe entrepreneurial companies are the lifeblood of capitalism.

We feel that more growing companies would succeed if only they had access to solid financial operations. Our mission is to provide to emerging companies the same kind of effective financial organizations found at large, world-class organizations. We know that as emerging companies succeed, they add new jobs, new products and new opportunities that benefit all of us.

The resources found in this blog are written with the intention to support emerging companies like yours. 

Lockboxes: How Banks Can Confiscate Your Cash

If your company has receivables or inventory, chances are you've come across somebody who wants to lend you money against them. This loan type, called Asset Based Lending (ABL) is popular, but it comes with a catch. It's called a lockbox, and it can cause you real problems with your company's cash flow if not carefully managed.

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Three Simple KPIs for Your Business to Track

There are three simple Key Performance Indicators you can track that will readily provide you information you need about your company’s performance, profitability and liquidity. Measure these three KPIs and over time to help you spot trends and continuously improve performance.

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Entrepreneurs, This Is Why VCs Have to Negotiate So Hard – And What You Can Do About It

If you are an entrepreneur with hopes of raising venture capital, know this: VCs are in the fundraising business, too. In fact, they need capital more badly than you do. No capital = no fund = no business. VCs raise capital by promising their investors above market returns. A the way to increase returns is to negotiate the lowest possible cost basis for an investment. There are some things entrepreneurs can do to get themselves the best deal.

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5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make That Cost Them Equity

I've spoken with many entrepreneurs and one thing that keeps them up at night is the mistake that costs him or her equity. We've come across quite a few of these with our clients. Fortunately, with a little knowledge and foresight you can avoid making them. Knowing what those mistakes are and how to fix them could be the difference between burnout and payout.

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