How a Trade War Could Hurt Your Growing Business

Tariffs of 25 percent on approximately $34 billion of Chinese products will soon go into effect. While this is a fraction of the total amount of trade between the two countries, its impact could be measurable to many US-based emerging companies, even if the tariff does not apply to the products they sell. Here’s how it could impact your business.

Good Dashboards Lead to Good Decisions

A financial dashboard is an excellent management tool to help executives make better decisions. It provides a quick understanding of key financial performance indicators that drive your company’s growth. If you are not getting the financial information you need, or that info is too difficult to understand, try using dashboards instead

What to Provide When Asked For Your Company’s Financials

What is somebody looking for when they ask you to send them your company’s financials? The presentation of the financials is as important as what they contain. This article explains what you should provide as well as what an investor and lender is looking for. I’ll also explain what EBITDA is and why everybody wants to know it.

What Is Your Business Data Telling You?

Data is the difference between being lucky and being smart. Many fast-growing companies seek to be a data-driven enterprise. The problem for emerging companies is getting the right data at the right time to make informed decisions. Read this if you feel your business data is not telling you what’s really happening.