How We Work

Fintelligent has developed a single platform that it “rents” to each customer based upon need. This enables us to deliver high-quality services at an affordable cost.

You’ll be set up with your own secure, cloud-based system. We dedicate staff to each engagement, so our people become part of your team. Since all we do is run financial operations, our staff is highly trained in the most effective ways to work. We operate virtually, keeping data up-to-date. Our fees are fixed, so you know exactly how much you are paying.

Getting Started

Getting started with Fintelligent is easy. First, we have a discussion to see if we want to explore further. Next, we’ll assess your needs. We’ll ask for information from you and have a dialog about your current situation and ideal solution. This gives you a chance to see how Fintelligent works and enables us to understand how our solution could work for you. Finally, we’ll prepare a written proposal detailing our services and costs.

Building The Foundation

A sound financial operation requires a solid foundation. As we bring a new customer onboard, we spend a lot of time “bringing order to chaos.” We clean up the books, streamline processes and deploy our cloud platform as quickly and effectively as possible. The result is timely, accurate data that can be used in management dashboards and reports.

Maintaining The System

We become part of your team. We continue providing financial services and maintaining the technology platform we use. Our partnerships with our technology providers enable us to deploy the latest app updates and rapidly troubleshoot any problems. We build redundancy into our systems to provide the proper levels of oversight, control and data security.

Expanding With Your Business

Fintelligent grows with your business. As your transaction volumes and financial complexity increase, we can rapidly deploy additional resources to maintain high growth. At this point we are often asked to provide more sophisticated financial planning & analysis to ensure the company is maximizing its sales, profits and cash flow.