Free Financial Scorecard
($650 Value)

How To Get Your Free 10-Page Financial Score Card ($650 Value)

1. Fill out the form below. One of our staff members will contact you.

2. You’ll receive instructions on how to provide us financial information:

  • Profit and Loss statements for your last two fiscal years
  • Profit and Loss statement for the current year to date
  • Balance sheet for last two fiscal years and current year to date
  • Your company’s industry code (SIC or NAICS)

3. We’ll run our benchmark analysis

4. Upon completion, we’ll schedule a 30-minute review of the results with a Virtual CFO. You’ll also get a copy of the report.

How We Prepare The Benchmark Report

Fintelligent subscribes to a proprietary database of private company financial data, so the comparison will be against your peer group. We segment by industry and company annual revenue size. The report you will receive compares your company financial ratios against your peer group.

What You’ll Get

You’ll receive a three-page report containing industry benchmarks and how your company compares to them. You can see a sample of the report here.

Some of the data you’ll get includes:

  • Industry-specific Key Performance Indicators
  • P&L metrics: % of net sales spending for key categories
  • Balance sheet metrics: % of assets/liabilities for key categories
  • Financial ratios

For people who choose to engage Fintelligent, an expanded narrative benchmark report will be provided at the start of the engagement free of charge. You can see an example here.

Protecting Confidentiality

We understand the sensitive nature of your company’s confidential financial data.  If desired by you, we are happy to enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you prior to running our analysis. Your data is protected by Fintelligent’s Data Security and Privacy Policies.

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