Our Mission

We believe entrepreneurial companies are the lifeblood of capitalism.

We feel that more growing companies would succeed if only they had access to solid financial operations. Our mission is to provide to emerging companies the same kind of effective financial organizations found at large, world-class organizations.

We know that as emerging companies succeed, they add new jobs, new products and new opportunities that benefit all of us. We are inspired by what our customers achieve and are grateful to be able to help them attain their ambitious goals.

Our Story

Our founder spent over 10 years in corporate America and 15 years as a CFO for high-growth companies.
He saw firsthand how well-run financial departments improve financial performance. He also learned the unique challenges entrepreneurs face as they set about building their businesses.

He founded Fintelligent to help entrepreneurs achieve the same ambitions as his own:
to create an enterprise of lasting value, do good work and have a little fun.